February 27, 2015

Trello meet Thalmic Labs MYO

Navigate through Trello with the MYO Connector created by Geekybeaver

MYO is a motion control and gesture control armband bracelet uses arm muscle activity and EMG signals to control digital devices over Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy. Also known as a Gesture Control Armband which was developed by Thamic Labs who are based in Waterloo, Ontario.

Why use a keyboard when you can use your arm?

Trello is used on almost a daily basis to manage tasks, stages of a page, grocery list, etc. and after receiving the MYO we thought it would be fun to use Trello with our arms.

Current supported gestures include

  • Double Tap – Lock / Unlock
  • Wave Left – Navigate to the previous card
  • Wave Right – Navigate to the next card
  • Spread Fingers – Open the quick editor
  • Make Fist – Close the quick editor

We intend on adding more gestures soon to achieve our goal of using a board and it’s cards on Trello almost entirely with the MYO (minus the typing text part ;-))

Download the Connector for MYO from the MYO Market

Note: You will need to have a MYO and the MYO software installed in order to use this plugin/connector.

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