MRKR Education Software

MRKR (Pronounced Marker)

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About the Project

MRKR is a solution to a problem in the education system. After noticing the existing software for managing staff/students, tracking courses, exams and marking was well out of date, only to find out the (local) school board was paying millions for this outdated software. The current decrepit software suffers from crashes, random errors, lost marks, long processing times and the list goes on!

MRKR solves this problem by providing an affordable, maintained, online solution for managing students/staff; tracking marks, exams and courses and running reports. MRKR is automatically backed up in the same country as the board hourly. It’s also accessible from any desktop OS or tablet from anywhere in the world from any time. Not to mention school boards can save up to 50% from what they currently are paying!

If you’re interested, give MRKR a call at 1-289-635-3231!