June 22, 2014

Is your Windows question mark displaying é – here’s the fix!

Resolve a super annoying Windows issue with the EN_CA Keyboard layout

When you try to type in a question mark, does this é appear instead? Yeah this is a headache of an issue, specifically when you’re trying to talk to someone or code. Fret not my friends, there is a quick and easy fix.

Windows Vista / 7

Windows 8

Once you have a list of languages installed in front of you, please select the US as the default one. It seems this issue happens when you are using the Canadian language pack (why, well because Canada is English/French and since Quebec is a province and French is a main language there we need to support French Characters)

  1. Make the US one you’re default
  2. f you’re not going to be using any special French characters, go ahead and delete the Canadian Language pack. Now you’re issue should be resolved.
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